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Reattaching an unsoldered keyguard foot

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A foot for screwing on one of the individual key guards on the lower end of my sax came off. I assume these are soldered on. If I have prior soldering experience, would it be reasonable to expect that I could repair this on my own? Are there any other acceptable ways of reattaching the key guard foot without soldering? Could I go about this without damaging the surrounding lacquer?
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If that tech was me, then be it known that I would suggest superglue only as a highly makeshift measure. And I don't recall ever suggesting it. I actually hope it was not me!

It is nowhere near as reliably strong as solder for this situation.
It creates one hell of a mess if it gets on neighbouring lacquer!
If you must use glue, then a slow setting epoxy would probably be more reliable and a lot less risky. E.g. Araldite Superstrength.

But definitely, some superglues are a lot better than others.

As for doing a good soldering job after glue has been used with care... For me the removal of the glue is a bit of a pain, but with my equipment would not take more than a couple of minutes. Not really any worse than removing heavy tarnish in preparation for soldering, IMO.
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