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Can anybody recommend a good book/ DVD for learning the basics of sax playing?

I did take some lessons some 10 years ago, so I'm not totally new to sax; but I haven't played in several years. I also play some guitar, and know my chords and scales... at least in theory :)

Unfortunately I cannot make the commitment to take lessons at the moment. Maybe next year...

Anyway, my goals are to learn / improve:

* sight-reading -- this is something that I have learned and forgotten many times over the years. I would like to see if this time I learn it for good.

* intonation -- I hate playing out of tune

* basic playing technique -- from Frere Jacques on up

I don't intend to play any classical or jazz for the time being. If I can go to the open mic at the local blues club and not get thrown out, I'm golden.

Any recommendations on books or videos to learn from are greatly appreciated.


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