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vivace1 said:
Coming from a Selmer D, I'd say a Caravan Medium chamber would be a smoother transition. That will be much darker than your D. Moving from a D to a Rascher will feel like re-learning the horn all over again. The tip openings on the Raschers are insanely small. Rather than spend 100 bucks on a piece that only frustrates, I'd find a vintage Buescher for 30-40 bucks on ebay and learn how to play that. The Raschers are attempted replicas of these and many "Rascher school" players prefer these more affordable mouthpieces.
Even a Vandoren AL3 would be a good one to try as I find these nearly identical to the Caravan Med. Chamber.
Caravan does not make a medium chamber bari piece.

Vandoren's BL4 is an excellent classical bari piece with enough tip to get some air through it.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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