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Rascher tenor mp on new wonder II

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Pretty cool deep sound on a Conn "Chu"!

I was playing around with a Rascher Tenor MP for calming the beast.
The Conn new wonder is one screaming sax but can it be tamed?

I like the depth it adds to the Conn.
Is any one else using a Rascher on a New Wonder II Tenor?
The Rascher does calm the throttle and adds a richness and depth that smokes.
I can't believe how many different sounds from dark to screaming bright and powerful one can get out of these old horns.......amazing!
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Way I heard it, the soprano Rascher was redesigned off the Martin blank several years ago, but the others were (supposedly) Buescher based.

I never did see a Buescher alto piece so narrow between the rails as the Rascher, tho...most reeds hang off a bit.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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