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Rascher piece for jazz

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This may sound weird, but using a soft, jazz-cut reed with a Sigurd Rascher piece has a great jazz sound (on alto). It really sounds like a big edgy tenor down low, but still has plenty of cut in the high register. IMO, it would be perfect for a big band. The only problem I have is that once you get to around forte-fortissimo loud, it's impossible to blow any harder. What do you guys think?
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How loud do you need to be?--FF should be plenty.

It's not always about loudness, it's also about projection. That's why many jazz players use pieces with an edge (what I define as the 9th through ~the 13th harmonic) to the sound.

Kind of hard to do that on a Rascher.

That said, if you like the sound, just do it.
I, for one, don't care what S. Rascher, Marcel Mule, Larry Teal or anyone else thinks. They played their way, other folks play theirs. We're all adults.

Did Picasso worry about what Rembrandt thought?
Did Bird care what Coleman Hawkins thought?
Did Mozart care what Haydn thought?

Sax players are so narrow....
J.Max said:
I was joking...I actually agree with Hakukani on all counts here. You'll have a tough time getting enough air through the horn with that set-up, and the bit about who cares what so and so thinks.
You're right. Mr. Rascher would be agast. But from what I've read, he would be agast at a lot of things.;)
J.Max said:
Yeah...considering his stance that the brighter French sound was incorrect to Adolphe Sax's intentions, I've always wondered what he thought of guys like David Sanborn...
That's like wondering if Stradivarius would approve of the mods to his instruments over the years.

Did he have a direct conduit into the mind of Sax?---I doubt it. Doesn't matter anyway...Anyone who has ever invented anything knows that the invention takes on a life of its own, and any tool is used in a novel ways eventually.

It's part of evolution.
It's too bad when folks don't understand that things evolve.

But, it's not really that important. I just smile and nod my head. <yeah, uh-huh, yeah>;)
1 - 5 of 16 Posts
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