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Rascher piece for jazz

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This may sound weird, but using a soft, jazz-cut reed with a Sigurd Rascher piece has a great jazz sound (on alto). It really sounds like a big edgy tenor down low, but still has plenty of cut in the high register. IMO, it would be perfect for a big band. The only problem I have is that once you get to around forte-fortissimo loud, it's impossible to blow any harder. What do you guys think?
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Okee Dokee. Whatever floats your boat.

But Mr. Rascher would be aghast.
I was joking...I actually agree with Hakukani on all counts here. You'll have a tough time getting enough air through the horn with that set-up, and the bit about who cares what so and so thinks.
hakukani said:
You're right. Mr. Rascher would be agast. But from what I've read, he would be agast at a lot of things.;)
Yeah...considering his stance that the brighter French sound was incorrect to Adolphe Sax's intentions, I've always wondered what he thought of guys like David Sanborn...
hakukani said:
That's like wondering if Stradivarius would approve of the mods to his instruments over the years.

Did he have a direct conduit into the mind of Sax?---I doubt it. Doesn't matter anyway...Anyone who has ever invented anything knows that the invention takes on a life of its own, and any tool is used in a novel ways eventually.

It's part of evolution.
Hey, I agree with you again! The Rascher school players might disagree though...I don't want to start down this road again, though...
1 - 4 of 16 Posts
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