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Rascher mouthpiece question

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I have often heard that Mr. Rascher said that he was opposed to the "new" smaller chambered mouthpieces being used for classical music. Now, I understand that he said this in lessons, master classes, etc, but I have also heard that he wrote an article about this or gave a speech. I've never been able to find any concrete info about this, so does anyone have any information about where/when this happened, or was it just a philosophy that he espoused?
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A metal two-screw with the screws on top. At least I believe that's what Rascher used.
A standard metal lig should fit. Rascher's was just a regular lig turned upside down, I believe. Larry Gwozdz talks about asking Rascher about his upside down lig when Rascher played at his school (junior or high school) years ago. You can find the story on the web, probably on the dornpub website.
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