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it's probably not " rare" ( as in coveted and desirable object) but a less known or usual 22 and you need to post pictures to properly identify.

read this though.

I am very familiar with a very poorly made Conn alto model 20M (which has very undulating tone hole edges, extremely sloppy pivots, pretty well nothing aligned correctly, and awfully engineered springs.
Probably the worst made saxophone I have ever seen outside of China.

I have just been working on, for the first time, a Conn Tenor Model 22M. It seems like just a larger version of th 20M.

(Tone holes are not soldered.)

Undulating tone holes are not soldered. As for calling it "vintage"... If that term implies quality to any reader, I'd definitely not call it vintage!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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