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Wow a Pupeschi system ( are you sure?), anyway, regardless the only place where you can find a Rampone & Cazzani estimated date of production is the company themselves, write to Claudio Zolla at Rampone & Cazzani, he normally replies rather quickly and give him my regards

Just in case one doesn't know Pupo Pupeschi was a great innovator of the wind instruments ( brass and wood) he lived between 1859 and 1932 so had a very ong and productive life.

From the great work done by Emmanuele Raganato

1900, when a number of local bands were using this instrument,
many independent craftsmen began to work under contract to the big companies to help meet the
demand for new saxophones. In Florence, Pupeschi was the first to produce a range of saxophones,
from soprano to baritone, which incorporated improvements to the keywork orginally devised for the clarinet, known as the 'Pupeschi System

This is one of his patentes

Be it known that I, PUPo Pnrnscnna subject of the Kin g'of Italy, and a resident of Florence, Italy, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Musical Wind Instruments, of which the following is a specification.

In all wind instruments such as clarinets, Saxophones, oboes, flutes, &c., the short key moved by the little finger of the left hand produces only one fundamental note, usually, called Cfi or Gfl on the clarinet; Gfi on the oboe and the flute. In order to reduce the number of keys and to give greater facility in slurring rapidly certain notes, I have int? it (clarinet), to produce two or three notes, fundamental sounds or relative harmonics, without lifting the finger which makes it act...."

MANY conpanies (perhaps also Rampone) produced Pupeschi system instruments. It must be very old, probably 1900 - 1910 ( judging by another Pupeschi /Rampone system baritone) Pupo Pupeschi made also his own so, unless you are certain that this was a Rampone ( e Cazzani? ) it may be a Pupeschi without rampone

this ia another one

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