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Ralph Morgan: 2/23/1924-8/23/2007

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Please forgive me for having to share this bad news with you.

Legendary mouthpiece craftsman Ralph Morgan passed peacefully in his sleep this morning. Many of you may know that Ralph had been ill for the last two months, but this was not expected, and is a shock to all of us. Ralph was at peace with the Lord, and we're sure he's no longer suffering.

Please spare a thought or prayer for Ralph's wife Georgia. This certainly does not mean the end of Morgan Mouthpieces, although there are many questions left to be answered, and almost certainly some changes in the business (not in the quality of the product) and re-structuring to come.

Ralph derived great satisfaction from hand-crafting some of the finest woodwind mouthpieces in the world. Those who knew him, and those of us fortunate enough to learn from him, know that Ralph lived and breathed quality craftsmanship and a dedication to the woodwind community.

Ralph's funeral will be Monday, at Littleton and Rue Funeral Home, 830 N. Limestone, Springfield, Ohio, 45503. The phone number there is (937) 323-6439, and cards or flowers would certainly be appreciated.
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Stunned silence!!
This is truly devastating and sad news for the saxophone community. Probably the greatest line of hand made pieces to hit, and sustain itself, on the market. The man was an encyclopedia of knowledge and a true humanitarian.

My prayers are with his family.

Thanks, Ralph, for one hell of a ride. Keep making great mouthpieces up there. :cry:

A true legend.

This is devastating news.

My condolences go out to his family and friends. Peace be with you Ralph! Thank you for all you've done over the years! Your work craftsmenship, education and dedication to the industry has helped thousands of musicians worldwide. You will be missed greatly!
Unexpected and very sad news, indeed.
I just bought a used Morgan earlier this morning. I think Ralph's legend will continue to live on. I have used Morgans for a long time and always felt like Ralph's contributions to the world of sax today has been substantial. I know he was someone who really cared, because it was reflected in the quality of his work. I am grateful for the memories of Ralph's spirit in the form of his articles, the quality and caring of his character present in all of his mouthpieces, and the blessings that musicians can bring to our world using what he has left behind.

Thanks Ralph.
I lived in Dayton from 1964 until 2002 and while I spoke with Ralph on the phone once about problems I was having with my Tenor Sax and various mouthpieces, I unfortunately, never took the time to make the short, 20 - 30 minute drive to Springfield to meet him in person.

I am such a big fan of the Morgan mouthpieces that now I play them on every horn - Clarinet, Soprano, Alto & Tenor Sax.

Like others on SOTW I had read the postings that indicated that he was in the hospital but did not realize that his illness was as serious as apparently it was.

I have a nice handwritten note that he tucked into a box with a mouthpiece once that I had sent back to him for a check up. He cleaned the facing up a bit and sent it back to me with the note and a bill for $ 10. You don't run into too many people who do business that way anymore.

My condolences to his family.
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I'm truly sorry to hear this news and offer my thoughts and prayers for Ralph's family. His insights into all things saxophone will certainly be missed, as will his dedication to quality in his craft.
I am stunned and saddened to hear this. Mr. Morgan contributed so much to this community and was held in great esteem by all.
I take solace in hearing that he passed peacefully and in the fact that he had a long and full life.
My condolences to the Morgan family and his close friends and associates.
We began wondering how he was doing again yesterday. Perhaps we are connected more closely than we think. Every note I play sounds better thanks to Ralph Morgan.
Everyone here in our shop sends prayers for Georgia and you guys. Ralph was truly an exceptional human being and his presences will be missed in the industry.
I spoke to him on the phone a few months ago. He didn't know me but took time to tell me how best to tune my instrument. I felt like I was speaking to a genius, it was a profound experience. He took me through a process step by step and said I could call back if I liked. His work did help make the world more musical and by definition more peaceful.
This is sad to hear but thanks for sharing Brian. I've read and heard much about him, all so very, very good. May he rest in peace. My thoughts, prayers, and deepest condolences to his wife and family.
Ralph's legacy is not just personal, as huge as that is based on all accounts. If his serial numbes are an indication he's got tens of thousands of mouthpieces floating around out there bringing joy to their players every time they are played.
The passing of a true craftsman. Oh so few left.

I spoke with Ralph only once on the phone, just last month, but he was most generous with his time in our discussion of converting my 3C tenor mpc to a 6C. He was informative and gracious, which came as no surprise. My mini-collection of five of his tenor mouthpieces is, for me, a little piece of the fine legacy of his life's work.
Rest in peace.
Georgia, if in a few days you read this, I just want you to know that we are thinking of you and our hearts and love go out to you.

When some cross over, the talk is about what they did. I hope you can take some comfort in knowing that with Ralph, as shown in this thread, it is so much more than is not just what he did, it is who he is.
I really loved Ralph. He was a wonderful man and very generous with his knowledge. He was an interesting person and character. I will miss him.
A fine person and craftsman. He will be sorely missed:(
Mope said:
Every note I play sounds better thanks to Ralph Morgan.
This was also one of my first thoughts on reading this sad news.
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