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Rahsaan Lives !!!!!!!!!

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This is really great Rahsaan-O-Rama !!!!


Rahsaan Roland Kirk: Reeds
McCoy Tyner: Piano
Stanley Clark: Bass
Lenny White: Drums
Quincy Jones: MC
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This is incredible -- even just for the circular breathing alone! I'm a huge Kirk fan but never got to see him live, so these clips are precious to me.

Is that the special tenor King made for him? It appears to have a way non-standard left-hand pinky array. . . .

Great: thanks!
I had read about this but never saw a closeup.

Anyone know what happened to his axes? Who has Kirk's horns?
Has anyone gone and taken extensive photos of that tenor from all angles? It would be cool to see.
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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