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valleyboy said:
hi guys
can anyone tell me what would be a good radio mic for sax i dont want to use a lead mic as i have to change from guitar to sax really quickly and dont want the hassle of cables. i have a senhieser freeport system which i can use but i dont have a mic to plug into it. does any body know if thier lapel mics are any good for sax or would a sax be too loud for it to cope with. i have been recommended the roam 1 elite system but these things cost 500 uk pounds here thats almost 1000 dollars us. is there a cheaper alternative which is almost as good. at the moment i am using my vocal mic SM58 betaA
which i like the sound of but i feel like i cant move on stage and feel i have to stay really rigid so would really like to go with a clip on radio mic. or if some knows where i could get a roam 1 elite or similar cheaper i would be grateful for any advice or info.

Just order the Roam One Elite from WWb&W I just got mine for what $549.00 i think it was. There is a cheaper alternative though. The Roam One Elite based on the Samson Airline 77. I think you can knock a few pounds off buy going with that. The only difference I think is the key noise isolation ring. Do some more searches and you will find some good information on this site as far as clip on mics go.
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