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Jeff Harrington asks: "Why do we group all these different styles together...(which can include other styles- smooth jazz, soul jazz, soul, motown...[blues])?...What do they have in common?...How [do] players approach those musics, how they [do] improvise over those different grooves and styles?...The styles that started as early as the 1940s and into the 1950s and developed and evolved into different threads."

Many thanks to Jeff for his contribution to "A History of Rock Sax: 1920-1921".


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That鈥檚 a tough video to get through. Please don鈥檛 cram the blues scale on everything that sounds like it comes from the blues. Tough to get a read on the room, but this is middle school to low high school level information and delivery. The title is incredibly misleading. I would鈥檝e walked out of the lecture and asked for a refund on that premise if I鈥檇 paid to be there.

He鈥檚 a Berklee prof? If that were a Berklee course I鈥檇 swap to a better class on contemporary saxophone styles. The way he discounted Maceo and barely went into anything considered funk is typical for academia, but no one plays bebop anymore. Sorry.
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