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New to the community but long term lurker!

I've been playing a community band-owned John Packer bass clarinet for a while now that's been causing me no end of trouble. The previous players of it gave up quite quickly, and alongside my old clarinet/sax teacher we've had to do quite a bit of work to get it into a playable shape, despite being new. It was nice to know that someone much better than me also couldn't play it - it's not just me!

It's now in a reasonable shape though - it can get up to a high B comfortably if you play upwards, but there's not a chance of staccato notes any where near that high. The bridge is iffy, and the side keys that should be a semitone/tone are more like a minor third! I'd go on but I don't want to slate it, just give some background. The low notes are excellent, so I expect it's just not designed to do much more than the lower-end beginner band stuff.

As I've been bringing it to some additional lessons with my old teacher, and as he is still teaching in schools, he was able to borrow what we were told was an R-13 Buffet bass clarinet (low Eb) for me to try so that I can experience what playing the Bass Clarinet should be like - and this Buffet which was an absolute joy to play. Looking into it online however, they don't seem to exist! I can't find anything at all on Buffet R-13 Bass Clarinets.

Does anyone have any information on them? The only other R13 buffet bass clarinet I could find online was an ebay seller, but they didn't have any information on it and it's no longer online, but the case with red felt looked identical to the one we were borrowing.

There must have been a range before the 1180/1185/1195 etc, so was there a professional range that only went to low Eb called the R13 maybe?

Thanks very much for your help

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