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Here's a gift from me to the players who would like to try a personal way of hearing they're own voice on saxophone, Play these words as notes on your instrument.
"Everyday I Play Some Jazz"


Play the line Slow or Medium tempo (however it feels good and meaningful) think the words as you play the notes and record it so you can hear your sax voice singing the words. Once you hear the beauty of the words coming thru the horn use it as a warmup to beautify your sound and that feeling will always be there when you start to play your horn. By playing those notes and words as the first thing you play you immediately start playing with a meaningful sound and expression. Be sure to hold the last note (JAZZ) to let the horn vibrate and resonate with warmth and meaning. It's kinda like a Jazz Chant or Mantra that immediately resumes the beauty of our sound on saxophone. It's extremely fast as a sound production warmup because this expression goes straight towards the beauty of sound on saxophone. After the beauty of sound on sax has been felt, have fun using Scales, Pentatonic, Arpeggios, Enclosures or anything else you are using or studying to lead to and from the phrase. Also play the phrase and words in your favorite key so that it is most expressive for you. Jazz notation is usually a sketch of an idea so in this instance there is no wrong way to express the words to the phrase. Just be sure to play the correct note pitches. You can hold a note as a long tone if you like...just complete the phrase. When you hold a note feel it as if you are ending a deep meaningful ballad. The beauty of the phrase is that it shows how the minor 2-5-1 using chromatic and melodic minor can express mellow beauty and should not be intimidating to players. This is not a fast or fancy exercise the goal is to make your horn sound like your are actually singing the words with your actual voice. Have fun...this one's on me.


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