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quick easy (cheap) midi player for Mac?

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I've downloaded a few midi files for practice, and realized that I don't have a stock, built-in midi player on my Mac (why not?!). Any suggestions for something very easy and fast. I've a recent Mac. The midi file plays on the quicktime player, but of course, I'd like to remove the lead track for practice.

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Garage Band!

Oh, duh! Sorry, I'd completely forgotten about that one! Someday I'll have to learn to use it completely - but for now, it plays the midi fine.

life's complicated.

Check out the Garage Band forum;[/QUOTE]
Oh, and it looks like I can record directly into garage band? Cool! Then add reverb? Oh. And it's free. Gimme my Mac!
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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