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Questions about Vandoren Jumbo Java

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I am quite interested in the Jumbo Java, and have read quite a lot about it on this forum. But I still have some questions about it. I know it is a bright mouthpiece since it has the wedge baffle, but is it very harsh and piercing? I tend to like mouthpieces that have warmth, but still with edge. Would the Jumbo still be considered a "warm" mouthpiece? I also own a Runyon XL, but dislike the sound I get from it, too piercy and not enough body to the sound. I also don't like the Claude Lakey 5*3 I own.
Could some Jumbo Java users please tell me what they think about this mouthpiece? (Unfortunately I don't live near a music store where I could go and try it).
I am mainly looking for a mouthpiece that can play rock music, but can also be tamed enough to play like smooth jazz for example.
Thanks in advance
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I think yes, but you still need to try it. I know what you mean about the XL and I didn't care for it myself. I have played some Saxworks mouthpieces, basically a refined Dukoff type mouthpiece simillar in design to the Jumbo. For mel that type, a high baffle opening into a large chamber, yields a tone with more body than the XL. The XL has a small chamber and the Lakey a VERY small chamber which is a different thing.

But it is a personal thing...I have played with someone who gets an almost legit alto sound using a modern Lakey!
i used to have a jumbo java. warm is not a word a would use to describe it. bright, powerful...edgy. definitely not warm. you'd be better off with a regular java. i haven't played the regular java, but it's close to the same thing, just without as much edge. greg osby plays a jumbo java...if you like his sound, you might be able to get something similar with it......
Been playing a JJ A75 for over 10 years now and really love it. The natural tendancy of the mouthpiece is to be a little on the bright side but it's not impossible to get get a mellow sound out of it. Playing super loud is really effortless. If rock is your thing, this would be a great piece.

Another great thing about the Vandoren mouthpieces is the consistency. Play testing 3 different A75s they were all exactly the same.

I play straight ahead jazz using the JJ and it works great for me.
I played a Jumbo Java A35 for about a year, I liked the punch but did find it a little harsh at times on certian notes, I liked the sound I got but also found it a little wild and difficult to control on certain types of music - Warren Hill play on the JJ and his style of smooth jazz is very warm in places, I have now moved to a JodyJazz which has the removable wedge in it, I love the tone and I love the powerful edge its got when the wedge is fitted it really is like having two mouthpieces in one.
I think the Jumbos have some warmth in the mid/lower register. You might like a Runyon Quantum too. The smaller throat on the XL makes it more piercing.
i think the jumbo can be played tame also. the quantum on alto is really just as bright as the xl. i would drop down the brightness chart and go for a jazz custom if wanting a runyon.
I have an A35 - its not tame... even when I play it tame it doesn't feel as warm as I'd like it to be. I will say if you want to play loud though man it plays loud. I think that softly it doesn't play as nice,
that may just be me though
It is not warm but you can play warm...

Far away from that the Jumbo Java is an edgy, very powerful and very bright mouthpiece.

I have been using an A45 for years and love it. At the begining, I had a Berg Larsen Blues... I could not fit into anything else... but time got its way and now I do not think I can live without my Jumbo Java A45.

The reed is very important too, but it is a projecting, demanding, though versatile but very bright piece.

I use it with Plasticovers # 3 and it has a tremendous output. Altissimo is awesome (going up to C5, being the first C of the Alto the C1).

Its versatiliy will allow you to play what you want but be careful. If it catches you... it won't let you go...
I have a Jumbo Java A55 that I'm wanting to sell if you are interested in getting a used one at a lower price. PM me if you are interested.
I have an A35 and an Otto Link 7 Tone Edge for my alto. Recently, I have been using more and more my Otto Link because the sound is easier to control and the tone is sharper.
Ok thanks very much for all the responses. About half of you said it is too wild and the other half said it could be tamed.
I am trying to upgrade my Meyer to something with more edge but still containing warmth, and was mainly looking at the Vandoren mpieces due to their high consistency ratings and good value. I was worried that the regular Java wouldn't be very different from my meyer (see my posting on the mouthpiece vs mpiece forum).
So I think I might just be adventurous and get myself a Jumbo Java (probably in the A45 facing), and I just hope I'm a good enough player to be able to get what I want out of it like most of you have said here, and I will also experiment with reeds. (btw will my rovner that fits my meyer also fit the jumbo, or do I need to get a new lig?)
Many thanks
Used to own one a looooong time ago. Can we say "laser tone?"

But I'll say that given enough time and persistence, probably almost anything can be made to play well.
anything can be tamed. sanborn played a dukoff and as much as some of his stuff isn't my style - he plays with a very very decent sound.
the rovner will be fine on the jumbo-might help tame it some too. i think you will really like this mpc. its so easy to play
I was never ever able to tame a Jumbo Java. Great mouthpiece, very loud, extremely edgy. A regular java is much more versatile, it can still scream but I could get a very nice warm and dark sound unlike the Jumbo. (Although I now use an RPC for ultra versatility)
Ok now I'm having second thoughts again.... I really don't want to end up with another Lakey type mouthpiece. Do you guys think the regular Java will be much of an upgrade from my Meyer then in terms of sound? Someone else (i forget who) said the Java wouldn't be edgier, but "punchier" than the Meyer. I would really like a warm, bright piece though. Maybe I should just save up and get myself a Jody Jazz DV or a Morgan Excalibur then. Sigh, why does all this mouthpiece business always have to be so complicated.... :)
saxdude48 said:
Do you guys think the regular Java will be much of an upgrade from my Meyer then in terms of sound?
So much of this is subjective. I wouldn't say a java is an upgrade from a Meyer. However when I tried a Java I found the sound vastly superior, (also the versatility). That doesn't mean it will be the same for everybody.

The best thing is to get one on approval for at least a week if you can, otherwise buy one and expect it to either be better , as good as or worse than the Meyer. Other peoples' opinions do not always apply to you.
Thanks Pete.
By the way, your site is brilliant.
On the cheap, you can try a PowerTone stick-on baffle inside your Meyer. Since the XL was way bright, you would probably like a Runyon Custom Spoiler. With theSpoiler out, it's just a notch brighter than a Meyer. A Vandoren Java is worth a try too.
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