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Questionable overtones.

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does it matter if my Bb up to C overtones are sharp? the purpose of overtones is to match your normal tone to the does it matter if the intonation is off? my low Bb is always at least 15 cents sharp and my middle Bb is always either in tune or if not it is flat. so im just wondering if that matters.

Oh and do sub tones have the same concept as overtones........i was told that overtones are showing you the true tone of your instrument and that those sub tones might be showing the same thing.

So if someone could get back to me on these things i would really appreciate it.

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thanks guys, but I really need a solid answer on this one.
and i have a fingering chart for sub tones (the first sub tone i did i found on my own.........didnt even know it was a sub tone) and it sounded really good so i was guessing you can apply the concept of overtones to this. only problem is the fingering of the sub tone is different from the natural fingering and there is no ombeture or throat thing involved in it so it might be harder to match tones. idk.


Pete Thomas said:
My understanding is that the notes will not be in tune with equal temperament tuners which are based on an artificial system that divides the octave into 12 equal semitones. This has no basis in acoustics.

For this reason the octaves should be in tune acordoing to your tuner, but the other notes will not be in tune with a tuner or keyboard. This fits in with magical pig's quote from Wikipedia above.

However I am happy to be corrected on this if I'm oversimplyfying or talking rubbish.
ahh so basically my overtone needs to be "in tune" and then my natural tone should most likely not be. Is that it?
andi got the sub tone fingerings from your site i believe...........i cant remember (do you have that on there?).........yeah so what do you think about those? are sub tones something that is conventional for improving my tone?

i would say my tone does need much work thats why.....
Pete Thomas said:
BTW, there are no separate subtone fingerings, subtone is more of an embouchure/breath thing. Maybe you are thinking of my altissimo fingering chart.
Oh im sorry i was thinking of something totally wasnt sub tones it was quarter tones. can those have the same concept as overtones?

most of them sound pretty good although they're out of tune (but they're supposed to be i think........quarter tone flat, quarter tone sharp)
like the quarter tone i figured out on my own for A. finger A on your left hand and D on your right hand without the first finger pressed down.
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