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Questionable overtones.

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does it matter if my Bb up to C overtones are sharp? the purpose of overtones is to match your normal tone to the does it matter if the intonation is off? my low Bb is always at least 15 cents sharp and my middle Bb is always either in tune or if not it is flat. so im just wondering if that matters.

Oh and do sub tones have the same concept as overtones........i was told that overtones are showing you the true tone of your instrument and that those sub tones might be showing the same thing.

So if someone could get back to me on these things i would really appreciate it.

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Maybe one of Trent Kynaston's students can chime in here, but I believe he says something about the intonation of overtones needing (or should be) in tune, but I can't remember what it is, sorry.

A sub-tone is basically a...subdued tone. You might want to try a search for this, and I think there is even a featured article about it.
hakukani said:
So, you see, the subject of tuning is actually quite deep, and goes a LOT furthur than tuning to a Korg tuner.
I was just doing some reading about tuning for an assignment from my instructor the other day, and I discoverd all these huge Wiki articles. I had no idea it was so complex.
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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