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I was listening to a Bergonzi clinic on CD where he mentions a process for memorizing changes to tunes. Although I studied with him about 12 years ago for a few months, I don't recall any such method at that time (I was in a bit of a stupor in that time period though).

That said, does anyone out there know the process and could share it with me. I believe it is relative to the harmonic analysis that we use for deriving the iim7 - V7 - I assignments to chords. However, I think there is another turn to this, especially where there are key, or tonal center changes.


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I had a masterclass with him this summer. It was basically a one on one type thing because I was the only jazz player there. I forget exactly what he said, but he told me that he didn't like to memorize the chord names to an extent. He learned the relationships between chords and he felt that that was easier. I named a tune and he sat down at the piano and played it in the standard key and explained the relationships between the chords. He moved up a half step and did the same thing.

It makes sense to me.
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