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My '46, 281xxx Zephyr tenor is more like you describe, and is perhaps darker or throatier and maybe with somewhat less edge and power than my'49, 305xxx and '57, 340xxx Zephyr tenors, which I prefer, and which are more S20-like than earlier Zephyrs.

Some like the Zephyr Voll true, but imo they have an old timey sound, which I don't care for.

For me, I have stayed away from Zephyr tenors with squared rh spatulas.
I prefer ones upwards from approx 280xxx to 350xxx ( whenever Zephyr tenors devolved somewhat with clunkier nickel plated key work, circa 1960 resembling the 615.)

You have focused on several excellent choices for vintage tenors.
A well set up Buescher Aristocrat or 400 pre Selmer buyout, Conn 10m or late '40s or '50s Zephyrs are good choices, if you can get one reasonably.

I appreciate them all and choosing one from this group is really down to personal preference.
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