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Question - looking for feedback from mouthpiece/refacing experts

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I've just purchased a Bari sax mouthpiece. The manufacturer is a relatively small operation that has a very good reputation both here on SOTW and eslwhere. I've played the piece a bit, and so far it's not bad, BUT....

The facing seems to have been cut into the blank off-center The right side of the table is noticeably longer on the shank end of the mouthpiece and the tip rail appears to be longer on the left than on the right. Also, when looking into the piece, the chamber does not appear to be symmetrical, most notably where the side-walls come down to meet the baffle.

I do not have gauges or any specialized equipment, this is all noticeable to my unaided eye.

As stated above, early playtests with the piece have been good. My question is, am I making too big a deal about the facing imperfections, or should I take advantage of the vendor's return policy and see if a properly faced piece is even better?
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Well, it all depends on if you like what you have right now or not. It seems like you're trying to convince us that you like it, but you really don't and want to trade it in. If that's the case, then don't stay with something you're not going to want to play.

Remember, it comes from the love of playing, and if the mouthpiece doesn't fuel that thirst for enjoyment, it may be time to try a different piece already.

Best of luck
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