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Question for the EXPERTS on a ALTO PIECE

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I recently picked up a CLASSIC SUPER [ made in CZECKOSLOVAKIA ] it is very sililar to a BERG but the numbers are quite defferent 200/2 is what is on mine? Is this some kind of Metric numbering system? The piece is very Bright in sound with alot of power . Has anyone ever seen one of these before and would you know the Value? Thanks Highnote145
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I have one of these. The first figure is the tip opening in 1/100th of mm. Mine is 210/2 and measures .082" which is very close to 2,10 mm. I assume that the 2 is a medium chamber.
This is my "sales talk": (.082") Classic Super 210/2 Stainless Steel Made in Czechoslowakia. Very slender piece with bullet chamber. I got this in a trade and didn't expect much, but what a surprise. Plays easily from top to bottom. The lows are warm, dark and full. The highs are bright but not too much."
It is actually surprisingly good. I see them once in a whil on ebay in Germany. Last one had surprisingly many bidders, so they must have a reputation.
Thanks, Peterogping that says it all. I was in Thailand and bought it from a Sax player there . I had never heard of one before but I knew when I played it that I wanted it. Today I got into my collection and pulled out an old Buesher Aristocrat that I have not played for a year or so and WOW / Suprised . I first played ot on My Yani 990 and it was great but now I am having problems finding a read combo for it on the Yani. What Lig do you use on yours ? Thanks Highnote145
I'll repeat what I replied to your PM, in case others want to know:
A Beechler Bellite alto ligature will fit. Plus, Amati can supply a ligature for metal alto mpc with a product code: SP 22 N Super. No way to know whether it will fit.
I got it from a local guy from Kosovo who plays Balkan music. Very loud and with quarter tones etc.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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