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Question about Silver Bueschers Big B and later

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It seems like non-military Bueschers are pretty scarce in silver after the series 1 Aristocrats. I'm curious who has seen silver horns from the Big Bs on without the US stamp that are original and not a later plating job.
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Hi Saintsday, I know of a silver TH&C for sale. Great looking horn. Also check the engraving, something went wrong engraving "Elkhart".

Looks like it's presented as original silverplate.

"Some wear at the usual places but the plating is still perfect. In short, it has been played but always very well taken care of. And still looking as new, in short, a marvelous (or great) instrument".

The last sentence using 'as new' is typical in dutch to say it's looking great, not meaning it looks line new again because of replating. If it is replated it is not mentioned on the site right now.
(just say the word John, should I make a call for you, unfortunately EU prices are not economical for US buyers)
The guy selling this is always very straight in his ads and every now and then he finds something really nice.
It was just a tongue in cheek.
One of the reasons we are used to some higher prices on this side is that normally all the horns at the wellknown dealers are sold with a complete overhaul and setup and a full cleaning in- and outside. This probably explains the disassembly picture.
The scratches in the silver look similar to a Mk VI (I've seen the VI before and after cleaning).

I have my two little kids at my place this week for the hollidays and we will be out tomorrow but just for the learning experience I will try to give them a call later this week. I will ask about a possible US marking at the serial# too. Holland is a small country but they are up north and I'm down south so I can't have a look myself.
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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