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Question about Silver Bueschers Big B and later

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It seems like non-military Bueschers are pretty scarce in silver after the series 1 Aristocrats. I'm curious who has seen silver horns from the Big Bs on without the US stamp that are original and not a later plating job.
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It sure is a pretty horn. Are they representing as original plating? My instant tranlator makes it sound as if it was plated later. But then again, it translates the last sentence as, "And as a new, in short, terrible instrument."
Thanks. I really appreciate the offer. I'm just trying to learn something here as it seems like the vast majority of newer Bueschers in silver are ex-military horns stamped either on the bell or by the serial number. I really don't need anything to feed my GAS until I sell a few horns and even then I'm probably too cheap to take an exchange rate hammering.
Other than the translation issue, the reason I questioned this one is, 1) the plating almost looks too good, no visible brassing 2) the complete disassembly 3) in some of the close-ups it looks as though there are some nicks that don't show brass but appear to have silver over them.
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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