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Question about Mouthpieces in regards to sound...

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Hello all,
Ive been playing sax about a year now (off and on kinda...), anyways im playing a Kessler Custom Tenor, with the mouthpiece it came with (the OL7 one). No matter what I do, I cant get the kind of sound I like. Id describe what im getting as soft and low, no buzz whatsoever. What I do like, is the edgey buzzy "ripping" sound, the "Boots Randolph" sound. Im buying a Dukoff D8 to see if that helps at all (I read thats what he used), but I dont know if it takes just the mouthpiece to get the "buzziness". Am I doing something wrong embouchure wise to get this rather depressing low sound?
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Cerot, with the reed on, hold the mpc up to the light so you can look at it sideways. See where the reed makes contact with the mpc? That's where the point of pressure/contact with your lower lip should be. This is just a reference but start there and then take a little more or less mpc (although I agree with the above comments - your problem is probably taking less than more mpc in).

You didn't mention what reeds you're using; some have more buzz than others so you might want to experiment with that, as well. Regarding reed strength, I think that for that mpc a #3 reed is about right but don't use it if it feels to strong or forced.

And forget the Dukoff. With just a year's playing I think the OL7 is fine for you. It has body to the sound with a little edge and is very well made, making your articulation, control and intonation reliable. I think the Dukoff would be an unnecessary jump at this stage in your development. Anyway, you don't really know what mpcs will give you what you want so wait until you do. Ie, if I personally wanted a Boots Randolph sound, I wouldn't get a Dukoff, I'd personally use a Berg, see what I mean?

Good luck. You'll get the sound you want it just takes patience.
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