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Question about Mouthpieces in regards to sound...

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Hello all,
Ive been playing sax about a year now (off and on kinda...), anyways im playing a Kessler Custom Tenor, with the mouthpiece it came with (the OL7 one). No matter what I do, I cant get the kind of sound I like. Id describe what im getting as soft and low, no buzz whatsoever. What I do like, is the edgey buzzy "ripping" sound, the "Boots Randolph" sound. Im buying a Dukoff D8 to see if that helps at all (I read thats what he used), but I dont know if it takes just the mouthpiece to get the "buzziness". Am I doing something wrong embouchure wise to get this rather depressing low sound?
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I have the Kessler Custom Deluxe tenor and 50OL7 mpc. I'm told that the mpc was modeled after the old vintage Florida Otto Links and am quite satisfied with it's flexibility at this time. Had the set up for about 10 months now. Played alto for much longer. This is just my first tenor.

I'm a big Boots fan. Using 2-2 1/2 strength reeds I am more mellow sounding than Boots when I'm doodling around trying to follow him on his CDs. The Dukoff is a much brighter piece. He sounds a bit sharp or I sound a bit flat when we're playing along but I think we make beautiful music together! :) (Well the tuner at least says I'm in tune. If anything I'd go sharp as I play because I still have a tendency to bite a bit too hard for the tenor emboucher. Working on it though and it's getting better. Just got to remember to relax!)

I'm not necessarily after his tone. I really like his musical articulations and interpretations.

Using a Fibracell reed, med/soft (I think) I can push the Kessler mpc and make it "buzz" or growl at least acceptably for my purposes so dittos for experimenting around with the reed and taking in more mpc. Check out the Phil Barone mpc practice thread if you haven't already. You've received outstanding advice from much more experience than I have so run with it.

At any rate, have fun with the Dukoff when it comes in. Remember, your OL7 has a 0.100" tip opening. Can't remember of the top of my head what the D9 will be exactly, 0.125?, so it will be much more open and harder to control given your experience with the OL7.

Get back to us and let us know how it goes.
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