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Question about Mouthpieces in regards to sound...

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Hello all,
Ive been playing sax about a year now (off and on kinda...), anyways im playing a Kessler Custom Tenor, with the mouthpiece it came with (the OL7 one). No matter what I do, I cant get the kind of sound I like. Id describe what im getting as soft and low, no buzz whatsoever. What I do like, is the edgey buzzy "ripping" sound, the "Boots Randolph" sound. Im buying a Dukoff D8 to see if that helps at all (I read thats what he used), but I dont know if it takes just the mouthpiece to get the "buzziness". Am I doing something wrong embouchure wise to get this rather depressing low sound?
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well, a visit or two to see a good sax educator will give you some better and more conclusive clues to what you are doing wrong.....if you do.

Ok, here it goes. Probably you take to little of the mouthpiece in your mouth, in other words you are using just a little bit of the tip of the reed only instead of the whole thing to vibrate. Volume is low and sound is muffled. The Cure is..... take more mouthpiece in. It is possible that you won't be able to play all that much this way because in the meantime you have developed a tight but weak enbouchure. If that is so, try a thinner reed.
Do not be afraid of playing a smaller mouthpiece! It is not about size but what you do with it! :twisted: , serioulsy going down with the size of the mouthpiece helps a more relaxed embouchure which allows you to take more mouthpiece in and play better and louder, in case you notice that the reed tends to close the piece while you play harder, go up a notch with the reed size.

An edgy and bright mouthpiece can help, but it is not everything.

Depending on what you consider to be the " buzz" you look for (Boots Randolph is not my thing..... ) You could try a Lakey mouthpiece for that.
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Ok! We'll wait for your findings..... and maybe your neighbours will tell us if you sound any louder!:D
Based on the picture you are posting I would say you can take a little more mouthpiece in but remember to also angle the piece a little bit so that you relax the lower Jaw.
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