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Question about Mouthpieces in regards to sound...

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Hello all,
Ive been playing sax about a year now (off and on kinda...), anyways im playing a Kessler Custom Tenor, with the mouthpiece it came with (the OL7 one). No matter what I do, I cant get the kind of sound I like. Id describe what im getting as soft and low, no buzz whatsoever. What I do like, is the edgey buzzy "ripping" sound, the "Boots Randolph" sound. Im buying a Dukoff D8 to see if that helps at all (I read thats what he used), but I dont know if it takes just the mouthpiece to get the "buzziness". Am I doing something wrong embouchure wise to get this rather depressing low sound?
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Quite afraid the Dukoff D8 will be not a right choice for the moment. The tips Milandro gave are very important, so I repeat again :
- take in more mouthpiece
- keep a relaxed embouchure (exercise in front of a mirror if necessary)
- wait with buying a bigger mouthpiece (OK, I admit, I didn't, but I know how painful it actually is and how many bad habits you have to unlearn afterwards)
- if possible, go for a teacher and ask him to help

And I add one more : practice, practice, practice. Did I mention "practice" already? :D
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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