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question about mouthpiece with a true tone

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Okay. I'm sorry if you are all annoed with my questions, but as they say, even Albert Einstein asked questions, not saying that I am a genius or anything.

I was curious, because I am going to purchase a buescher true tone tenor
with my money from McDonalds, what type of mouthpieces would be suitable for it. I already am getting an R. Caravan MP for classical, but I was wanting to get one for older, Eric alexander style Jazz, with a really Fat Lush sound, and I was also wanting to get a Really edgy, and Fat metal Fusion/rock mouthpiece (Think of Michael Brecker Funky sea Funky Dew, but I don't want a Guardala) without spending over $200 on both of them. Thank you for the help. Any Ideas?:?
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This might go over the price limit, but on my pre-front F key True Tone, I absolutly LOVE my Brilhat Tonalin Great Neck (refaced by Brian). Brian opened it up and faced it excellently. It is very versitle and can be played for almost any situation. You will be heard using a Java reed and it has almost no edge at all. The volume is just pure, fat tone. I love pieces like that. I suppose it couldn't compete with the loudest of settings, but in that case, I'll make an epoxy baffle :D .

Using it on the True Tone is great! I love how the True Tone resonates so much, especially using this mouthpiece. It's a real joy to play! I prefer the tone using my Brilhart on my Conn 6m, but the Buescher gives it a real run for its money.

Some other pieces I've had good success using on the True Tone are Morgan "L" and "M" chambers, RPC roll-over baffle, and my personal favorite for the True tone: Selmer Soloist using a Java reed. The java just brings out the life in the True Tone, and it's really something to play that combinatin!

Anyway, sorry for the ranting. I just hope you can decyper the rant and get some useful information out of it.
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for a fat, edgy metal mouthiece, try some yanni metals, they are fairly smooth sounding, but have plenty of attack, a fair bit of edge and are fairly reasonably priced compared to guardalas and such.
These mouthpieces worked for me on tenor TTs:
- SR Tech Pro
- Vandoren V16 T95

All metals
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