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Question about a Meyer

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Well, all this started out with the Yamaha 82z saxophone that I purchased at the local dealer 3 weeks ago. At that time, I tried playing it with a Meyer 6 that the store was offering for sale, and it soudned terrific on the alto. However, when I brought it home, it turned out that the piece the salesman put in the box was a size seven.

Though it was a size seven, I still rather liked the sound that it made. Anyway, I soon found out about the error, and swapped it with the size 6.

One thing I noticed about the mouthpiece, as soon as I got home, was that the planes on the side where the reed is put were uneven. Also, when I actually put my reed on it, the facing was uneven. This puzzled me, but when I started playing, it had a nice jazzy tone to it - through it had nowhere the same power as the Meyer 7.

And that brings me to my question. The mouthpiece sqeaks when I push it too HARD. It feels like the reed literally closes against the facing, then when it opens, it creates a burst of air that makes the squeak sound.

I find this really quite strange...why is it that it squeaks when I push it too hard? I tried positioning the reed in various places, along with different reeds, and all of them squeaked. Playing some songs, I had to play in moderation.

And when I play, there isnt any air leaking from my embrouchere. So my question it me, or is it the mouthpiece?


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Well, I'm no mouthpiece genius. But I've played my share of mps with tips smaler then I'm used to.

And I think the way it works is that, since the reed your using is too soft it vibrates much more, and when you push the reed harder the reed vibrates harder and eventually will touch the reed tip and close up not allowing any more air through the mouthpiece. Then once you let up on the reed a little bit I'm guessing that all the air trying to come out of your mouth all comes out at once when the reed lets up. And since a lot of air is trying to go through that small opening it causes the reed to vibrate a lot faster. Causing the squeak.

I'm not sure if thats correct, but I think that what happens.
So it has nothing to do with the mouthpiece being uneven? ;) Stock Meyers can be funky.
that's why you have to make sure you get the one you tried at the store because everone of them might sound and feel different!
I've played a Meyer 6M for years on my alto with JAVA 2.5 reeds and don't have any issues with squeaking.

Try different reeds first and if you still have problems, go back to the store and try another Meyer.
Well, this is the one I tried at the store. But the pushing too hard thing never happened with my C* why would it happen with a Meyer?

Would it be a good idea to go back and try other mouthpieces?
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