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Q-Tron setup

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Hi I purchased a Q-Tron+ and having a few problems with feedback.

Currently I am going from wireless mic-sm98/desk/aux out/qtron/line in.

I have ordered a EH white Finger compressor which I will use after the qtron then back into the desk which is a soundcraft EFX.

Will this sort out the peaks and maintain the full effect of the q-tron?

Also I have to turn down the slider on the line in from the Q-tron as when I press the bypass It colors my sax sound, I require no effect besides very minimal lexicon reverb from the desk. Is there a way around this so I can switch off the pedal from the footswitch and kill any signal to the mixing board and retain my dry signal from my mic?

Also anyone got any setting they care to share to get the best from the q-tron.

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