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Purpose Of The Adjustable Front High F Key On A 875EX

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Like the title says, what's the purpose of the adjustable high F key on a YAS-875EX?

Intonation? That's all I could figure out. When I would move it, to each extremes I didn't notice that much of a difference in intonation (using a tuner to help the "noticing"). Maybe I didn't pay enough attention to it, but I was just wondering if I figured out the reason for the adjustable Front F key.

And for clarification it's the key on top of the left index finger key (B key).

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Can't recall ever having worked on one of these, but responsiveness of altissimo is very linked on many horns to the opening height of the front F, which can be set quite different from the palm F (only lower opening height). I know that on my Z it is quite sensitive and a very small opening seems optimum where, for example, on my Yani tenor it is less sensitive and slightly larger opening seems a bit better.
Loosen the screw and slide the lifter upwards to increase the opening of the F key when using the front F key, or slide it downwards to reduce the opening and when you find the right spot, tighten it once you feel the F key is opening at the correct height.

It may or may not alter how the notes speak or the tuning depending on how much/little opening of the F key you feel is right for you when you use fingerings involving the front F key.
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