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There has been a growing trend on eBay where scammers identify accounts with 100% positive feedback that have been inactive for awhile, take over said accounts (I don't know how they are able to do it) and then list expensive items for sale. Either directly on eBay or through offers to transact out of eBay, the scammers are able to bilk money from their victims.

I've come across 2 such instances in the past couple of months (I've since gotten messages from eBay confirming that the accounts had been hijacked). Some telltale signs are: 1) 100% feedback account that has been inactive (no sales or purchases) within the past year or so and 2) transactions that suddenly pop up in the weeks leading up to the fraudulent listings (either multiple low value transactions or a few larger transactions in the same category as the items listed in the fraudulent listings (to give some semblance of legitimacy to the account).

The implications to buyers are obvious. However, there are also implications for the hijacked accounts. Namely, the inevitable negative feedback from the buyer and, more importantly, the final value fee charged on the transaction, which the victimized account owner suddenly gets billed for. So if you are one of those eBay users who hasn't checked your eBay account for awhile, it may be advisable to do so to confirm your account has not been hijacked. If you're not going to use eBay at all, might be best to just deactivate or delete your account. At the very least, change your password periodically.
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