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Hey guys,
Im just writing this thread to ask your opinions on my situation.

Ordered a Yamaha YAS-875EX from Ozwinds USA on the 14th of June. So all fine and dandy, pay the whole thing all up to be shipped to South Australia

Its still pending after 5 days, the next day the order status has been moved to processing.

It says this

Your order is being processed and has been transferred to Prowinds (our preferred shipper).
Your product will be shipped from Prowinds in order to ensure quick delivery within the United States..
Please note that your credit card billing will show Prowinds.
If you have any questions regarding shipping times or progress of your order, Please feel free contact our preferred shipping store.

Okay fair enough so I get this message the next day.

Hello Ken,
I have received your order for the YAS-875EX. We are expecting a shipment of these in a day or two, so your order will be shipped in 2-3 days.
You will receive a shipment notification via email when it leaves our store.

(from prowinds)

Okay so being patient I wait, still havent got a shipping ticket by the friday so I wait the entire next week still no shipping ticket. I get an email saying

Hi Ken-

We have confirmed that your saxophone is currently in the Yamaha Custom Shop. They set them up prior to shipping them to dealers. I expect us to receive it by the end of the week.

Kind Regards,

Dean Foster
Pro Winds

I think fair enough, so now its Thursday and despite my attempts to call, email and contact prowinds I have had no success. And the funny thing is I emailed MUSIC 123 to price match yesterday, today i got a prompt email saying they would match the ozwinds price plus a free saxophone case.

Do I have a right to be annoyed?

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Update, after finally getting through the prowinds phone service they told me they have just received it. Excellent service, very polite and all the frustration is getting a response.

Should ship today
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