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Protec vs. the rest

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Hey All,
Right now I am using the Pro-tec Xtreme Pro Pac Backpack case. I am not sure if this case is doing a sufficient job at protecting from bumps and what not when walking! I was looking at the BAM products (mainly the Trekking case) and was wondering if this case would offer better protection. I get cost on these products anyways so pricing is less of an issue as I save! I just want what's best for my horn!

Thanks all!
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I have a pro-tec case now for my tenor and have worried about the same thing in the past. From what I have seen, there is no reason to believe that the BAM trekking cases will be any more or less protective. It is virtually the same design and construction. Of course the Pro-tec cases are not going to protect as well as an ATA style case or even a solid hard plastic case like a Walt Johnson. I do think however that they are fine for everday usage. I wouldn't put it on a plan or drop it from a high place, but for carrying it from point to point you should be fine.
The best I've used are Protec & Hiscox, and of the two I'd go for the Hiscox. I believe the Protec holds the horn more snugly but the Hiscox is built like a battleship, and not as fussy as the Protec.

My Selmer tenor case is a Bam style. Would I trust it ? Yes. Another good case. I'd say you were safe with any of these three, but I'd still lean towards the Hiscox.
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