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tjontheroad said:
Long story short... I picked up the sax today and it plays better than ever. Too bad he wasn't there for me to tell him in person. So I just felt I'll shout out some props here for him. I've had a few run ins with different techs over the last two years. There's been times I felt I wasn't taken seriously. You know... It's the "you're not a pro so why should I be in any rush to do things right" type attitude. More than once I thought the work was not their best from the get go and/or promised service times never happened. The service I got from Matt was refreshing. I'd gladly take the train north again.

Thank you,
Heck, if I wasn't such a tree-hugger and so worried about my carbon footprint, I'd take a plane from Europe to NY to have Matt adjust my horn again!:D

I agree, the service you get from Matt is really first-rate.
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