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Hey, SOTW! If you will be visiting or dwelling in New York City on September 17, and you're looking to soak up some new tunes, there will be two modern jazz groups playing at Rockwood Music Hall (stage 2) that night. My band, Progger, will be playing a set at 11:00pm, followed by the incredible Troy Roberts' Nu-Jive at midnight.

If you haven't checked out Troy yet, you're in for a long night of Youtubing. He's one of my favorite tenor players on earth, and also a fantastic writer. His group is brilliant. He plays in Tain Watts' band quite a bit, but his own project is something quite different, very funk-soul-jazz oriented. Here's a great example. Enjoy!

As for my band, well, I'm just happy we get to play with such a killer headliner! But I'm proud to have some really great musicians in my crew, too. If you're curious what Progger sounds like, feel free to stream away here.

I hope to see some friendly faces in the crowd! Rockwood is a really beautiful place to play with great sound, staff, and vibe. I'm grateful that they're so open to new music. Cheers, all!
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