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Profile 88 Mothpiece playing position

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This is a question I've seen touched on but never fully answered. I'm hoping somebody knows the answer.

I understand that the 88 has a more "sax like" beak and is supposed to be more comfortable to sax doublers. But does this affect the playing angle of the clarinet? Does this mouthpiece allow you to play with the mouthpiece in a sax style horizontal manner or should you still play it with the traditional clarinet 45 degree angle?
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Find the angle that's comfortable for yourself, though the thinner beak of the Profile "88" mouthpiece does allow the clarinet to be held up more like an oboe or soprano sax.

I prefer to play clarinet held out in front like this, and the Profile "88" is ideal. Though there are players that use these mouthpieces and still have the clarinet held down with the bell between their knees.
The Grabner K14 mouthpiece I use has an "88" style beak. The angle one uses for ANY clarinet mouthpiece comes down to personal preference. I play my clarinet at an angle that's in a traditional classical manner. In the past I experimented with different angles, including straight out, and found that my quality of sound suffered. It's all a matter of what works best for us as individual players.

The Morgans also have a more duckbilled beak that I prefer...
I agree that you have to find the angle that's comfortable for you and that a profile 88 style beak might facilitate this a bit more easily. If you're looking to hold the clarinet out more, you might consider a duckbill style mouthpiece such as the older ones made by Langenus.
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