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Production Dates on Saxophones: Cannonball

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I am working from home and have too much time to look at this stuff! So, I did not find any indication of when my horn was actually produced. It is a Cannonball Vintage Reborn tenor. In the case I found the engraver's signature card and the serial number matches the one on the horn. So I emailed Cannonball with the question.

(Foreigner, Too Much Time on My Hands) Being impatient, I called Cannonball yesterday afternoon Eastern time. I just wanted to see if anyone was there. A very nice lady answered the phone and I asked her my question about my horn. She looked it up and told me it was a Vintage Reborn Alto. I told her that it was not an Alto, but a tenor. She asked me to send her pictures and she would research and call me back. Now the fun part. Turns out I was speaking with Sheryl Laukat, CEO of Cannonball! She said there were limited people working because of COVID-19. She called me back after 5 minutes and shared that my horn was manufactured in late 2016, available for sale in early 2017. I shared how much I enjoy the horn, and she was appreciative of that.

So what is the turn around time from production to sale? My horn had been at Qinlan and Fabish for about a year, according to my clerk. Anyone else ever checked into it?
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I ordered a Vintage Reborn alto through a local music store and had it in less than a week. He phoned Cannonball and they had it in stock and was shipped the next day.
I am certain that they have horns available for sale. I think the reason I found it curios is I live next to Elkhart, Indiana, and remember when saxes were actually being made there. When you made a purchase, that horn had been produced just a few months prior. It is not really a negative, more of an observation. It certainly does not affect the quality of the horns. And it is impressive to find a CEO answering phones from outside lines!

A rep finally emailed me with the information about my horn. She indicated that my Roadster engraving was the current image for their limited edition VR tenors.

saxocles, I think your run-down of the production flow is a good assumption. Saxophones are not tomatoes; they are not going to spoil if they are not fresh! LOL
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