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Production costs of high end mouthpieces??

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i think things are spiraling out of control with some mouthpiece prices. 2400.00 for a Guardala? It seems to me you would be WAY better off buying, for example, a lazer trimmed Guardala model for 200 and sendign to to MOJO for fine tuning. Phil Barone just said it cost him $50.00 to machine a blank. I bought a lost wax Guardala copy from Bob Ackerman about 3 years ago and like it much better than any Guardala I've ever played. But anyway 50 plus another 250-300 for hand finishing and plating and that sounds like a ballpark number to me. 350-400 for a really fine piece. Am I off the mark here Phil? Thanks!
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I think its a good thing

Supply and demand. If no one was purchasing a piece for 1000.00 eventually the price will decrease until it sells.

Good for anyone who can get major jack for a hand finished piece. Their time and their skill is worth something.

There are enough opportunity driven people out there that eventually some one will produce a quality piece for the different price points.

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