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The on-line video Saxophone Master Class with Jim Snidero and Walt Weiskopf was one of the first resources I subscribed to when I began playing saxophone and learning jazz technique and language. I still return to it frequently because the alto and tenor sounds are superb--recorded in high fidelity and at a tempo that I can isolate and try to emulate. And the content is fabulous; I pick up one or two things every time I revisit the material.

But the web host changed about a year ago and the material is now scrambled and missing. What used to be a two-part Master Class for Alto and Tenor is has been broken into two courses: Jim Snidero TJCC Course (alto) and Walt Weiskopf Workshop (tenor). But the exercises and tune charts for both were provided in both Eb and Bb.

1. The .pdf downloadable exercises and charts for three tunes in Bb and Eb are missing from Walt Weiskopf's Ballad section.

2. And the Weiskopf Part 2 videos have disappeared. The topic heading "Essentials Part 2 - Ghost Notes, Swing, Practice" are actually a duplication of Jim Snidero's "2. Articulation, Phrasing, Effects."

For a few months I've sent emails to the company support email and the two artists' contact emails. I know they are busy composing, performing and teaching, and I'd really just like a point of contact for the entity that maintains the website to fix the links and content.

Anyone have any idea how to get in touch with someone who can resolve this?

These were very high production-value resources that were developed at high cost, I think. And they provide enduring pearls of wisdom from two Masters and esteemed professors. It is a shame that the offerings were scrambled when moved to a new platform. I'd like to help get it fixed!
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