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To all you alto players out there. I’m a tenor player and blow a Ref 36 and a Mark VI.
I thought I would have some fun and bought a Ref 54 Alto. If I go up to the altissimo notes chromatically I have no problem. If I try to hit F# and above directly from the lower register the notes do not come out cleanly. Is this because I am used to blowing a tenor or is there a problem with popping out the high notes on a Ref alto. I have been using a Super Session ‘E’ and am now using a Meyer 6 (medium chamber). I would appreciate advice and comments.

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Alto is tricky.

The Tenor and the Alto demand different things.

Those notes are tricky on alto. My Reference has no problem at all but, as every single Alto saxophone on the world, those notes are tricky.

Alto embouchure is more demanding. I know many will want to argue that every horn is more difficult than other, specially if it is the one you play...

The smaller the horn, the bigger the embouchure challenge. Now, the physical demand that tenor has, is obviously an issue.

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