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Pro Tec Contoured bari case

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Just received the Pro Tec Contoured bari sax case to use with my 'The Martin Baritone'. Not a great fit because of the LH bell keys, but I made it work by placing the padded neck pouch under the bell rim which takes weight off the wire key guard and stops any rattling around in the case. Closing the case keeps the pouch in place, and the lid does close and zip with no pressure needed. I have the original case in very good condition, but I want to keep it that way, hence the new case. This will be a much better gig case. It has a lot more storage with the extra room in front of the bell for a low 'A' bari plus the big side pouch. I keep the neck and mpce in the bell in a Kiwi pouch. The case is actually heavier than the original and seems heavy-duty enough. I've been using Pro Tec contoured cases for alto and tenor for years with no problems of any kind. I'll feel a lot better on outdoor gigs, etc. with this than an irreplaceable original case.
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