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I went out today looking for a Keilwerth SX90R, and instead bought a Yamaha Custom 82z.

I basically went to two shops - one that sells Keilwerths and Yanis, and one that sells Yamahas and Selmers. Going to the one that sold JKs, I was hugely disappointed with the Keilwerth. From what I've read, I expected so much more from this German horn. And yet, when I played it, the tone was shallow...there just wasn't any depth to the tone. It wasn't rich.

In fact, the professional model Keilwerth is easily outblown by my student model ST90.

Anyway, I went on to the Yanigasiwa A-901, the only one they had in stock. Waiting for an A-991 would mean 9 months. Anyway, as soon as I touched it, I found that I liked the tone a lot better than the Keilwerth. But still, I found that the tone just wasnt right for me. I did like the tone and feel to it a lot better though.

From that dealer, I moved on to another location, "St. John's Music" if any of you've heard of it. It's quite a large chain.

As soon as I walked in, I found two whole walls full of saxophones, compared to the three that the other dealer had in stock. Anyway, I was quickly introduced to the salesperson in charge of woodwinds, and quickly pulled down the Ref 54, Yamaha 82z, and the Ref 54 Kookabura edition.

I found that the Reference had a nice rich tonal quality to it, and I loved how it sang. I was pretty impressed by it overall.

Moving on, I tried the Ref 54 Kookabura Collector's Edition. I actually found that it played brighter than the Reference. I didn't really like it, so I put it down.

Then I tried playing the YAS-82z. At the time, I was using a Selmer C* mouthpiece, and the sound coming from it didn't sound that great. Maybe I wasn't using enough air. Who knows. Moving on, I went to check out the Cannonball and YAS-62 saxes.

I found both of them to be extremely agreeable to my taste in saxophones. Both had a nice vioce behind them - again, the horns sang.

By this time, I'd just been introduced to the Meyer 6 alto mouthpiece. I found I had to blow a lot more - larger facing. When I tried it on the 82z though, it just came alive in my hands. I just loved it. Loved it so much that I brought it home :). Anyway, here I am, polishing my saxophone with a new Meyer mouthpiece on my desk. I have to say, I'm pretty happy!

One thing though: I bought my saxophone for $3400.00 CAN. Is this average? It seems a bit cheap for some reason :p.

Cannonball's were priced at $2300.00. And Selmer's were at $5000.00 (heard the company is going on strike).

Oh well. I went in expecting to pay 5000 big ones for a sax, and ended up paying 1400 less. Maybe thats why.

Anyways, it was a really fun afternoon. Spent around two-three hours at the music dealer. It really is the best way to find which sax is made for you :D
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