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Prism Pushing Hard (3 upcoming recordings)!

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With a new alto player these guys seem revived:

1. New CD of works by William Albright (Innova).

2. New CD of works by Jacob TerVeldhuis entitled Pitch Black (Innova). Source: Upcoming Releases on Taimur Sullivan's website.

3. They also just received a $13,500 grant from the 2007 Aaron Copland Fund for Music Recording Program "for the music of William Bolcom and Steven Mackey performed by the PRISM Quartet and the Boston Modern Orchestra Project." Source here.


This could open up a larger conversation on where the saxophone is heading here in the US. More and more ambitious young saxophonist (Sacawa, Ibrahim, ect...) are introducing us to people and places we haven't gone or met before. Getting the saxophone out of the institution and to the people. We seem to be catching on, PRISM with BMOP is something my non-saxo friends would listen to. Any thoughts?

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Mike you are right. I think that Prism, tim, Brian and many other younger saxophonists are taking the instrument to ever greater heights. They are getting contemporary composers interested in writing for the sax, and are getting more people to look at the sax as an interesting breath of fresh in the contemporary world of classical and new music.
And as a result, good things are going to happen fo rour beloved instrument.
Mike you are part of this movemnt too- too bad I missed your concert in Ann Arbor.
This is an exciting time to be a classical saxophonist.
also found Prism's upcoming release information on dr. mcallister's website along with some other new things he is putting out. i think the albright CD is with their former alto player, Mike Whitcombe.
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