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I am seeing strange price differences for saxes that are coming out of the same factory in Taiwan, or one of 6 in that region. I am keeping the ones from mainland China out of this.
With the Selmer USA models, I am seeing brand new Student Horns, ie, AS-200, 300, 400, etc in the 2,500 dollar range. I saw a used AS-500 last week with a 650 asking price. I was told that it came out of the Chateau Factory.
Geesh, for just another 250 I could go to Kessler and but their Intermediate Alto brand new with many upgrades.
The Kessler Handmade Custom Series Alto, comes in at around 2,000, compared to the 2,500 student model that has the Selmer name on it.
I did further looking. The Selmer AS411, the replacement for the LaVoix II was almost as much as the SAS711 replacement for the AS-42.
Then I saw a clearance price on an open box Antigua Winds 33 Intermediate model for 1000. The pro version, same body and neck with different alloy model 42, more hand hammered, at just 1,500. If it weren't for the names, I could not tell the brands apart.
Are the Selmer USA named horns that much better, or is it just the name that is driving the prices up?
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