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Price increases on Selmer super action 80 series II soprano

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I paid $2399 for my series II s-80 soprano at Sam Ash in jan 2004. It was old stock but new(made in '97). was selling them for $2495 in jan of '04. Now the the same sax sells for $3699 on on closeout. But the Yani sc-991 I bought in march 05 sold for $2195;sells for $2495 in '07. Why the huge price hike for series II selmer sopranos???
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As I remember, the Euro was worth about $0.80 to $0.90 US in 1997. Now it's in the neighborhood of $1.41. You ain't seen nothin' yet!
No, that would be multipied by greed. :D
Another Selmer price increase will take place next month. It is getting rediculous. I must say, Yamaha has had their price increases as well but not as severe.
What else is news. Selmer's go up at least $100 every year. Of course at their current prices that's going to be more like $200. They're pricing themselves out of the American market and letting the Asian horns have it all. That's a shame for those of us that prefer to blow through a Paris horn. I'd like to see Paris move operations over to America. They'd get cheaper labor and they could sell to the Europeans at their higher prices, but knock a couple of grand off these horns in the U.S.
I hear you Heath. I love my Selmer's and have played Selmer's for 30+ years, but really, for 2K less than my Lacquered 54 tenor, my Silver 82Z is incredible as well. If I didn't have the means, I would be content with the Z's. One can see why many players have moved to Yamaha.
3699? dollars? that is 2800 euro's
In holland that is very cheap for a SA 80 II soprano. I bought mine around 2002 and paid about the same price, 27something. At this moment it is about 3200 euro's.

If I would have paid an american price 2400 dollars in 2004 that would have been the same as 2000 euro's.

It is funny that these prices make american people choose for the Yamaha's while we would say that if we had to pay american prices everybody would play Selmer.
Everything comes full circle eventually. I see the Euro as artifically inflated.

What is the justification for the high Euro anyway? I know our leaders set these rates with the hope of influencing our home markets in a postive way, but Bush needs to know that the most important thing we in this country want is our Paris horns......and we want them for cheap! Life isn't worth living without a Selmer.
but if Selmer paris was made in the US then they wouldn't be Paris horns anymore ... they'd kinda be Selmer USA horns .. maybe they would be priced as such then (but add greed and they would be priced the same - or higher)
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