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Price Comparing Australia, USA, Japan

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Which country would be the best place to buy an alto sax. My friend is from Australia and he would like to know how is the pricing market there? We are in Japan now. My friend is willing to pay around 300,000 yen for a professional alto sax.
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I don't know about Japanese pricing but the price in Australia is nuts we pay about 30% more than the yanks:(
Bern, it has to do with distributor mark up, sales/market share and exchange rates more than anything I think.
Selmers market, for example is like this: 1. Europe 2. Japan 3. USA
A Ref tenor in any flavor here is 650,000 yen now! Unbelievable!!:shock:
A Ref 54 in Australia goes for $7995 Australian thats 794000 yen:shock:
Kesslers list them at $4195 US Thats $5065 Australian
three grand less than they (and you know who they are) expect us to pay :x
A Ref 54 is listed for 4600 usd in the Netherlands, $elmer......
I've only looked at Yanagisawa prices as I'm thinking of getting one, and they're definitely cheap here in Japan than in America or Europe.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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