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The Selmer "Prelude" series is a entry level student saxophone which is made in China. No offense, when it break down and trust me, it will! (sooner than you think.)
Most of the repariman will tell you to buy a new one rather than fixing it, because it will be easier and also cheaper to do so.

Yamaha is always know for the good quality and reliable serive but it comes with a cost. However, a second hand yamaha also has high value if you want to sell it later.

After all, it is one of the most recognized brand in the world.

Antigua ZZ series might be a special line which Antigua runs in Japan, which I can only say so far did not see any bad review on their product. It seems that they are not that well know in the market, sometime, I wonder if they know anything about marketing concept, eventhorugh their product are almost one of the best product in their price range.

so my suggestion is that you try out Yamaha and Antigua and then forget about "The Selmer "Prelude" series".

And then accoridng to your budget to make a decision on which one, because in my view that the cheapest yamaha is definetly not in the same league with top Antigua. but if you are planning to have a higher vale when you sell into 2nd hand market, than go for the Yamaha.

Hope this will help you
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